Discreet Private Investigation Services We offer...

Criminal Defense Related:

Brian Bates is often hired by local criminal defense attorneys or defendants themselves to assist in uncovering and preserving evidence to assist in a successful outcome in their case. Services that defendant's often find most useful are crime scene preservation, locating and interviewing witnesses, reviewing discovery materials, background checks, and jury screening and monitoring.

Bates has provided services that directly resulted in the dismissal, acquittals or successful resolution of criminal cases involving rape, sexual assault, manslaughter, drug possession, assault and battery and more.

Child Custody Related:

Bates Investigates can be crucial in exercising and enforcing  your rights as a parent going through a child custody battle. Our investigators work diligently to uncover proof of child custody non-compliance, child endangerment, and more. If you need proof your child is not in a healthy or legal living environment, let us get on the case and secure the evidence needed in court.

Workers Compensation Related:

Tired of paying benefits to employees or contractors who are actually out playing golf while they pretend to have been injured on the job? Workman's compensation fraud costs companies billions of dollars every year.

Our investigators are the best when it comes getting the proof you need to save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Background Verification:

Background checks are not just tools for potential employers. In today's age of online dating, fraudsters, needs for a roommate or simply checking out a potential renter or contractor - background checks are not on a good idea, they are often a necessary evil for your piece of mind. 

Met someone online and you're not sure their story is truthful? Give us a call and we'll check them out.

Suspicions of Infidelity:

Wondering if your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful can have a devastating effect on your physical and emotional health.

Infidelity can come in many forms; an affair with a co-worker, rendezvous with an ex, meeting people online for casual sex and engaging in prostitution.

While 'cheating' is nothing new in relationships, how its done, how to uncover it and getting the proof have gotten more sophisticated.

Our discreet investigators can put your suspicions to rest one way or the other.


Skip Trace/Location Services:

Whether it's across town or across the country, Bates Investigates can help you track down individuals that owe you money, need to interviewed, need to be served papers or you simply need to verify their physical address.


There are many reasons clients request surveillance services; infidelity cases, child custody, worker's comp, suspected criminal behavior, parents wanting to intervene on a child's drug use, and more.

Our investigators are licensed to legally provide discreet surveillance to get the evidence you require while lessening your personal liability.

Counter Surveillance:

Do you suspect you are the one being spied on? Are you being followed? Has a video or audio device been planted in your home or business? Has a tracking device been attached to your automobile or installed on your mobile phone? Bates Investigates has a successful record of counter surveillance initiated by a spouse, acquaintance, business rival or even law enforcement.